Title: No Waves Artist: FIDLAR 179 plays

"No Waves" -FIDLAR

Title: Salvation (Cranberries Cover) Artist: Dylan Sizemore 469 plays

"Salvation" -Dylan Sizemore

Title: Every Night I Die at Miyagis Artist: Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti 851 plays

"Every Night I Die at Miyagis" -Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti

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demon to lean on // wavves

More from Wavves is available via Amazon and iTunes.

Charlie and Emily foreva!

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Music video for The Cure’s “Killing An Arab”

"This song is about Meursault, an extremely indifferent and morally lost fictional character from Albert Camus’ novel called "L’étranger" (literally "Stranger"), who shoots and kills an Arab man while suffering from heatstroke on a beach." -an intelligent YouTube commenter (they are rare)

Title: Hey Big Mouth Artist: Ty Segall 353 plays


Ty Segall - “Hey Big Mouth”

"I Love Hardcore Boys, I Love Boys Hardcore" -Limp Wrist

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Hunx in motion…

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